WATCH at Democrats admit that they WANT illegal aliens to vote (because it’s the only way they “win” elections)

The very same Democrats who refuse to shut up with their wild conspiracy theories about foreign entities (Russians) “meddling” with America’s electoral process have no problem whatsoever with illegal aliens from the south of the border actually voting in, and thus tampering with, American elections.

As revealed by Alex Jones from in a video clip recently posted to, more than half of all registered Democrats now support allowing illegal aliens to vote in American elections, even though these illegal individuals are not legal citizens, nor do they have any business being in our country in the first place.

Jones points to recent stats put out by Rasmussen Reports showing that 54 percent of registered Democrats, and 53 percent of self-described “liberals,” are fully onboard with giving illegal invaders the same voting rights as American citizens.

Some states and locales have reportedly already done this, including the city of San Francisco, which recently decided to allow illegal aliens to vote in the area’s regional school board elections. Other cities such as Chicago, Illinois, and Cambridge, Massachusetts, are going even further, with plans to allow illegal aliens to vote in regional elections.

“All of these different cities are legalizing illegal aliens voting. And all of these Democrat states are giving drivers licenses to illegal aliens, which they then are able to vote with,” warns Jones.

Be sure to watch the full video clip at below:

Big shocker! “Sanctuary” cities where illegal aliens vote are all Democrat strongholds

The party that invented the Ku Klux Klan would like us all to believe that this push to allow illegal aliens to vote is about “compassion,” “acceptance,” and “tolerance.” But what it’s really about is keeping the Democratic Party in existence.

You see, real American patriots would never support allowing foreign invaders to vote in American elections, seeing as how these criminals are not citizens and don’t have any loyalty whatsoever to our country. It’s only leftist traitors who say that granting illegal aliens voting rights is a good thing – and that’s because this is the only way that leftists are able to “win” elections.

Research published earlier this year found that areas of the country with the highest foreign-born populations tend to be the most Democratic, while areas with high numbers of natural-born citizens lean more Republican.

New York’s 15th District, as one example, has a foreign-born population of around 40 percent, and this area routinely goes strongly to Democratic candidates, as does California’s 34th District, which has a foreign-born population of 46.5 percent.

Much of the problem is due to a process known as “chain migration” that allows newly naturalized citizens to bring in an unlimited number of foreign relatives to the U.S..

“… if chain migration is not ended – as President Trump has demanded – the U.S. electorate will forever be changed, with between seven to eight million new foreign-born individuals being eligible to vote because of chain migration, and overall an additional 15 million new foreign-born voters,” reported

This is what the Democratic Party is made up of, folks: brainwashed liberal whites and hordes of non-citizen illegal invaders whose values tend to align more with socialism and communism than with our representative democracy. And it spells the complete destruction of America if it isn’t stopped.

“Immigrants, particularly Hispanics and Asians, have policy preferences when it comes to the size and scope of government that are more closely aligned with progressives than with conservatives. As a result, survey data show a two-to-one party identification with Democrats over Republicans,” says Professor James Gimpel.

“By increasing income inequality and adding to the low-income population (e.g. immigrants and their minor children account for one-fourth of those in poverty and one-third of the uninsured) immigration likely makes all voters more supportive of redistributive policies championed by Democrats to support disadvantaged populations.”

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