Yes, voter fraud is real and yes, Democrats are behind it: Leftists caught funding illegal voting ring in Texas

Four women were arrested in mid-October and now face felony charges for allegedly taking part in an organized vote fraud ring in Fort Worth, according to Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton’s office.

CBS Dallas-Fort Worth reported that the charges involve a mail-in ballot scheme that occurred during the 2016 primary election in the state in which elderly voters on the north side of Fort Worth were targeted.

At the time of the arrests, Paxton’s office said his prosecutors were dealing with an organized ring but officials did not say whether the investigation was ongoing and whether additional arrests were expected.

Thus far a grand jury has indicted Leticia Sanchez, Leticia Sanchez Tepichin, Maria Solis and Laura Parra on multiple felonious voter fraud charges.

The local CBS affiliate reported further:

Paxton’s office said the women harvested votes, by filling out applications for mail-in ballots, with forged signatures. Then they would either “assist” the voter with filling out the ballot, or fill it out themselves, and use deception to get the voter to sign the envelope the ballot would be sent back in.

Aaron Harris, a political consultant, said Paxton’s office developed the case from information he gave investigators during the 2016 election cycle.

“The harvesters sit around and fill these out by the hundreds, often by the thousands,” he told the CBS affiliate in October. He showed investigators documents from 2016 containing signatures that did not match on applications and envelopes.

Harris told the affiliate that he personally has identified other people he believes are involved in the vote fraud ring but said he understands that sometimes cases can be hard to make.

“Just because they may have been indicted on one or two, or 16 counts, doesn’t mean they don’t have 200 counts but those are the only 16 that can be proven,” he said. (Related: Liberal court strikes down voter ID law in latest desperate effort to ensure ILLEGALS get to vote in U.S. elections.)

Election officials from Tarrant County said they were cooperating in the investigation.

It’s always Democrats who are caught doing this

The CBS affiliate reported that Deborah Peoples, chairwoman of the Tarrant County Democratic Party, said she has met Leticia Sanchez in the past, which pretty much ties her party to the vote fraud.

As the Star-Telegram reported further, a statement from Paxton’s office said that the four women face 30 counts of voter fraud. They were allegedly paid by a Democratic operative to target older voters “in a scheme to generate a large number of mail ballots and then harvest those ballots for specific candidates in 2016,” the statement continued.

“Ballots by mail are intended to make it easier for Texas seniors to vote,” Paxton said, according to the statement. “My office is committed to ensuring that paid vote harvesters who fraudulently generate mail ballots, stealing votes from seniors, are held accountable for their despicable actions and for the damage they inflict on the electoral process.”

The state attorney general’s office said vote harvesting schemes work in two phases. First, there is the ‘seeding,’ then the harvesting. Fraudsters send mail-in ballots to “targeted precincts,” then “harvesters attempt either to intercept the ballots outright or to ‘assist’ elderly voters in casting their ballots while ensuring that the votes are cast for the candidates of the harvesters’ choice,” the AG’s office said, according to the Star-Telegram.

Most of the time “voters do not even know their votes have been stolen.”

POTUS Donald Trump delivered on a campaign promise to look into the issue of voter fraud, but the commission he empaneled was stymied by mostly blue (but some red) states at every turn by refusing to provide voter information and other data investigators needed to make determinations.

But for Democrats to claim such fraud doesn’t exist is not only fantasy but proves that their party is the one that engages most in it – which is why they oppose every voter ID law and other efforts to clean up voter registration rolls.

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