The new Beto O’Rourke plan for Texas: FLOOD the state with 20 million illegals and let them vote to turn Texas blue forever

Leftist Democrats have long sought a way to turn the deep red state of Texas blue, thereby ensuring electoral victories for the foreseeable future. One up-and-coming Democratic candidate for the U.S. Senate has just introduced a plan that, if implemented, would doom Texas to Marxist rule and plunge the United States further toward systemic dysfunction and chaos.

Rep. Beto O’Rourke, who is facing off against incumbent Republican Sen. Ted Cruz, hit a snag in recent weeks when he told a liberal crowd during a Texas campaign event that “there is nothing more American than kneeling for the National Anthem.”

“My short answer is no, I don’t think it’s disrespectful,” O’Rourke told the crowd. “I can think of nothing more American than to peacefully stand up or take a knee for your rights for your rights, anytime, anywhere, any place.”

Cruz hopped on that, responding, “Most Texans stand for the flag, but Hollywood liberals are so excited that Beto is siding with NFL players protesting the national anthem that Kevin Bacon just retweeted it. That means all of us can now win Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon!”

But O’Rourke followed that gaffe with a call to “decriminalize” illegal border crossings – after he called for granting asylum to illegal immigrants in Central and South American countries before they even have a chance to cross illegally into the U.S. four years ago.

“So, if we’re truly going to address this problem we’re going to have to address it here. Why not have State department and DHS down in those countries processing potential refugees and applicants for asylum on the ground so they don’t have to come through Mexico,” he told CNN’s “State of the Union” in July 2014, as reported by The Gateway Pundit.

We need a wall, not a turnstile at the border

Reporting on this new gaffe (most Americans including most Texans back POTUS Donald Trump’s call for a border wall and tougher border security), the Washington Examiner noted that O’Rouke was joined by two more Texas Democrats – gubernatorial candidate Lupe Valdez and congressional candidate Veronica Escobar – in his quest to open the floodgates for more illegal aliens to flood into his state.

Because that’s easier to do than to abolish the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency – another loser Democratic proposal. (Related: Trump focus on border security leads to 70 percent JUMP in apprehensions.)

“The United States has built a system on incarcerating migrants,” Escobar told far-Left HuffPost. “We really have to evaluate the way that we’ve criminalized migration.”


So, despite the fact that countries without borders aren’t really countries at all and nearly every other country on the planet has made unauthorized border crossings illegal, the United States shouldn’t be “criminalizing” border crossings? Are these people sane?

Escobar has it wrong. The United States doesn’t “criminalize migration.” We criminalize illegal migration. There’s a big difference. And what’s more, we have every right to do so.

But we know what’s going on here. Alt-Left politicians like O’Rourke, Escobar, and Valdez are only interested in one thing: Power, and they are willing to flood Texas – and the rest of the country– with uneducated, poor, needy, migrants who will work and earn just enough to get by and to vote for Democrats who will be handing out freebies like we’ve got the money to do so.

And then they’ll be the permanent majority. That is until the counter-revolution starts, and we destroy what’s left of the country while tossing out the Leftists.

O’Rourke and others of his political ilk claim that Americans should have no say at all in who comes to our country. But that’s not a premise most of us accept. We do have a say, and even though it’s difficult to get enough political leaders in D.C. to listen when it comes to this issue, most still don’t support open borders.

Or handing Texas to the robber barons.

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J.D. Heyes is also editor-in-chief of The National Sentinel.

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